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what do banking and finance workers want?



Kelly surveyed over 9,000 workers across Asia Pacific to investigate the shifting perspectives of workers and help employers shape their future workforce.
We shared the findings in the 2018 APAC Workforce Insights reports, putting a spotlight on Australian and New Zealand banking and finance workers.
These insights, which explore the gig economy, the value of values in the workplace and the preference for an individualized work experience, are designed to help employers respond to the changing workforce needs in attracting more relevant talent and retaining valuable employees into 2019 and beyond.

The findings reveal...2018-WFI-EXEC-Personalised-Infographic

  • 48% of Australian banking and finance professionals agree a manager’s values are more influential than the company’s when making career decisions
  • Banking & Financial Services workers are more likely to place emphasis on being treated as an individual than Accounting & Finance staff
  • 6/10 banking and finance respondents agree people want to be treated as an individual to be rewarded for their personal contribution
  • 52% of hiring managers in Banking & Financial Services agree workforce preferences are shifting away from traditional, permanent full-time roles, only 44% of Accounting & Finance hiring managers agree


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